SEVENFACT dosing and administration in mild and moderate bleeds*1

Dose flexibility to help your patients achieve your treatment goals1

SEVENFACT 225 IDR: Starting dose of 225 μg/kg followed, if necessary, 9 hours later by a 75 μg/kg dose every 3 hours until bleed control or 24-hour timepoint

SEVENFACT 75 IDR: Starting dose of 75 μg/kg, followed by 75 μg/kg every 3 hours until bleed control or 24-hour timepoint

  • Consider alternative treatments if bleed resolution does not occur within 24 hours of the first administration of SEVENFACT1

*For severe bleeds, 225 μg/kg initially, followed, if necessary, 6 hours later with 75 μg/kg every 2 hours until bleed control.

Supplied in two convenient single-use vial sizes1

Product package includes1:

Vial containing SEVENFACT

Prefilled syringe with diluent for reconstitution

Vial adapter

Patient Instructions for Use

Pharmacy will provide an infusion syringe and other infusion supplies.

Convenient SEVENFACT dosing calculator

With this easy-to-use calculator, you can determine the recommended dose of SEVENFACT and the number of vials needed for each bleeding episode.


The calculator functions in 5kg increments ranging from 30kg to 150kg.


Recommended dose for your patient:

XX mg (XXμg/kg)

A XX mg dose will require:

XX vials

XX vials

Convenient to store, convenient to use1

Withdrawing reconstituted SEVENFACT from vial

Withdraw the liquid drug from the vial, using a syringe provided by a specialty pharmacy that is large enough to hold the prescribed dose. The Luer-Lok™ tip is designed to provide a secure connection that avoids needle disengagement or medication leakage.2

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2-minute infusion1

SEVENFACT should be IV-infused in 2 minutes or less

4-hour post-reconstitution stability1

Once SEVENFACT is reconstituted, infuse within 4 hours

Easy to store1

  • Prior to reconstitution, the SEVENFACT kit should be stored at room temperature but can be stored between 36°F to 86°F (2°C to 30°C), protected from light in the product package. Do not freeze
  • After reconstitution, SEVENFACT should be stored at room temperature but can be stored between 36°F to 86°F (2°C to 30°C), for up to 4 hours. Do not freeze or store in syringes

How to use SEVENFACT

For instructions on reconstituting SEVENFACT, please take a few moments to view this video.

SEVENFACT differs molecularly from other currently available bypassing agents3


The rapid, predictable, and reliable relief of SEVENFACT4



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